Dr. Elizabeth (Bessie) Babits, DVM

andalusian horse for saleBessie has the rare combining qualities of being both a practicing equine veterinarian as well as life-long trainer of horses. "I have been as much a student of the horse as well as a teacher to the horse. Although I have been molded by classical dressage masters, most of my knowledge and work that I do with horses has come from observing, watching, LISTENING, and learning from the horse. I always tell people that if they have a question about the horse first ask the horse, and then ask the question of "why?"

Bessie's life is devoted to that of the horse: "I want to ensure that my horses are pain-free in their work, understand without force what is being asked, perform without resistance, and love what they do. In that way, together with love, respect, trust, and honesty with each other, we can perform as one, becoming a centaurion creation of artistic brilliance that could not be achieved alone. My mission in life is to help as many horses as I can and their riders develop trust, rapport, oneness without force or resistance. That mission involves continuing the time-honored teachings of classical dressage and academic equitation melded with modern equine veterinary knowledge and techniques to assist horses and riders in performing free of pain and resistance. I am solely in this for the horse.

bessie babits dvm classical dressage andalusian breederDr. Bessie Babits has a long list of impressive academic achievements. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004, and she has been a practicing equine veterinarian since then. She began Medicine Wheel Equine Center, LLC in Taos, NM in 2006 and continues to service the Northern New Mexico region's horses.

Bessie has been riding since the age of one. "I began training professionally for people by the tender age of 13. I was never a people-person. I never understood how people thought. I understood horses, though--how they moved, how they thought, how they comprehended things. I can never remember I time where I didn't want to be on the back of a horse. I believe that God put me on Earth for the good of the horse, and that is a purpose I intend to fill."

"My early years were spent training and riding in a variety of disciplines, and with a diverse array of horses. I probably learned the most from training BLM mustangs, as their minds were so pure and untouched at that time by humans. I worked a variety of horses: Morgans, Arabians, gaited horses, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Drafts, Warmbloods, and Andalusians. I also trained in a variety of disciplines including dressage, driving, western events, etc. As an early teenager, I settled on the harmony, challenge, and difficulty of dressage as a focus, and integrated its principles into all of my training, no matter the discipline, to produce supple, balanced, light, sensitive horses."

"I have to credit the horse as being my greatest teacher. I learned the most from the broncs and "rough" horses which came my way, because I began to realize that most of their issues were stemming from pain, which was altering the behavior. They were just talking to me in the only way they knew how. I also have had formal instruction from Bobby Hays, a delightful woman whom I shall always be indebted to. She taught me classical dressage--I loved it. I have also, in particular with the Spanish horses, worked with Mr. Hank Young, who, to me, is one of the greatest Masters of Classical Riding."