Inspirational Instruction

horse riding lessons taos nmSangre de Reyes offers a variety of instruction to fit your needs.

Instruction follows the same principles as our training, and our mission is to perpetuate and preserve classical riding/dressage and academic equitation.

The focus is based on incorporating Dr. Babits' veterinary medical knowledge to establish training programs for horse and rider that will address resistance in the horse, weakness, and ultimately improve overall performance.

Additionally, instruction in basic to advanced horsemanship is taught.

Sangre de Reyes has established multiple formats of instruction:

  1. Individual/Private Lessons using your horse: $65 per lesson. 

  2. Individual/Private Lessons on a Trained Spanish Horse: $125 per lesson

  3. Package of 5 Private Lessons Pre-Paid, which must be used within 4-6 weeks: $245 using your horse, and 480 using a Trained Spanish Horse.

  4. Clinics: Sangre de Reyes offers several clinics throughout the year. We also are available to set up a clinic in your region. Learn more about our horse riding clinics.

  5. Seminars: Seminars typically are 1 or 2 days and intimately involve the horse's health care and how it affects training. Learn more about our seminars.

  6. Retreats: Retreats can be 3-5 days in length, and offer opportunities to explore Taos Pueblo and other aspects of our beautiful region. Learn more about our retreats.