Pegasus Insightful Horsemanship

liberty work horsemanshipI am the founder of Pegasus Insightful Horsemanship. As a child, I learned, like so many others, to literally ride by the seat of my pants, which sure gave me a very good seat! I also discovered that the horse was the ultimate vehicle to freedom. 

Horses will give you spiritual wings and a soaring heart through self liberation. A mirror into one's self, the horse can truly set you free.

The Dynamics of the Horse-Human Herd
With Pegasus Insightful Horsemanship, the focus is on the dynamics of the Horse-Human Herd. It is based on the study of how horses think, react, understand, and move.

liberty work horsemanshipIt teaches one to be insightful: a good trainer/rider must pay attention to and consider every step and movement, every reaction or action a horse makes in response to an aid, movement, or thought from the rider.

One has to become a thinking, observing, sensitive, insightful trainer. Mental pressure, physical pressure, body language--these are the things that we must become adept at using and communicating to the horse.

Liberty Work, Bareback and Bridleless
From the ground to the advanced under saddle work to liberty work, Pegasus Insightful Horsemanship will free your horse and free yourself. We often focus on LIBERTY WORK on the ground and BAREBACK AND BRIDLELESS riding to eventually push the horse and rider into a new dimension of communication and oneness.