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Now available on CD:
Hoofprints Native American Flute Music by Bessie
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"The Native American flute music of Hoofprints is based on the places I have been led to and experienced from the back of the horse."

Hoofprints is a journey that takes you from quiet canyon streams nestled in golden aspens to rocky mountaintops, and to sweeping plains. Let the thunder echo in your mind, the wind caress you, and an eagle's cry sweep you into the sky. Follow your heart, follow your tail in life, follow the hoofprints put down before you; look back and see your hoofprints as memories to be cherished; look ahead and see hoofprints leading you on the trail in lilfe.

Hoofprints is available on CD or as an MP3 download

Hoofprints CD
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Hoofprints MP3
available Thanksgiving 2013

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Track List

1. Bright Eyes
2. Speak Softly
3. Ghost Horse
4. Horse Tails Along Frijolito Creek
5. Of Wind and Horses
6. Be Free My Friend
7. Gathering of Horses
8. Horse Come With Me
9. Hoofprints
10. Medicine Horse
11. To You My Heart Speaks True