Horse Riding Clinics, Seminars & Retreats

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In addition to our individual and private lessons, Sangre de Reyes offers several clinics throughout the year that the ranch sets up.

We also are available to you to set up a clinic in your region and can come to you.

Clinics may range from 1 day to 3 and 4 day depending on area, number of participants, and topic. Average cost of one day clinic is $150/person for individual sessions, and $120 for semi-private with no more than 3 horse/rider combinations per session.

Clinics contain a lecture portion in the morning and afternoon sessions as well as ridden work.

Dr. Babits conducts clinics on the following topics:

  • Classical Dressage from beginning to advanced
  • Work in Hand--movements, airs, piaffe, passage, Spanish Walk
  • Rehabilitation
  • Starting the Young Horse
  • Establishing Trust and Respect
  • Basic Horsemanship
  • Resistance and "Problem Horses"
  • Health Care Seminars

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Client education is what Sangre de Reyes aims to achieve for the betterment of horses. Seminars typically are 1 to 2 day and contain lecture/classroom work as well as demonstrations and ridden evaluations and work. Seminars intimately involve the horse's health care and how it affects training.


Sangre de Reyes is working on being available for retreats featuring the Spanish Horse. Be immersed in the training, care, and work of Spanish Horses--their history, conformation, training-in the heart of New Mexico.

Retreats can be 3-5 days in length, and will cover work in hand, training of classical dressage, veterinary health care, flamenco and classical guitar performance, and trail riding in Northern New Mexico.

There will also be opportunities to explore Taos Pueblo and other aspects of our beautiful region, such as the legendary Chaco Canyon, pictured below.

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