Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Babits is a practicing equine veterinarian in Northern New Mexico. You can be assured that your horse will receive outstanding care while in training or for rehabilitation. Please visit Medicine Wheel Equine Center, LLC for equine veterinary services. She works synergistically to incorporate veterinary medicine with the training and rehabilitation of all horses.

Additionally, she offers special clinics and services to horses with specific needs and performance problems, specializing in equine lameness, podiatry (hoof problems), dentistry, and reproduction.

Call us at 575-779-2466 for consultation and to schedule an appointment and evaluation.


Dr. Bessie Babits of Sangre de Reyes has developed a unique approach and program to assist horses with problems, ranging from behavior to chronic pain. A particular specialty is focusing on the foot of the horse and how it relates to the work the horse is performing, how it relates to movement, and lameness.

During rehabilitation for injury or to prevent injury, there is an emphasis on looking and working on the "whole horse". Particular attention is paid to the feet--imbalances, excessive forces, hoof conformation, foot flight and landing, and how those forces biomechanically change the way the horse travels or increases his/her propensity for damage and unsoundness. Hoof correction is performed using measurements, radiography, and clinical examination as guidelines. Often, the horse is trimmed accordingly and kept barefoot under a special care plan, with work requirements and footing changing as he progresses back to work.

Through work in hand, equine therapeutic massage modalities, shock wave therapy, and graduated under saddle work, the horse is rehabilitated to be stronger and less prone to injury, pain, and resistance in work. Horses may have to stay at the Ranch for up to two weeks or more initially for full diagnostics, and beginning of therapy. Each horse is individually studied in regards to hoof care and hoof dynamic biomechanics. We are about helping horses feel and perform better!